Monday, April 28, 2008

Love and Loathing on a Monday

I have been considering blogging for a year, and finally set up a profile a month ago. Uncertain what access to my life readers would want, and who said readers would even be was paralyzing. This morning I awoke and my reason to begin? Monday. And Monday, unlike any other day of the week, taunts me.

My boyfriend doesn't live in the same city as me so when he uproots after a particularly magical weekend together, Monday seems to mock me me even more. Ready to denigrate Mondays, a call from my mom who is in a very rough patch lately changed everything. "The world is against" her right now, not just Mondays, and I have felt the same at times. It made me wonder why I tend to be the daughter/friend/sister/co-worker people turn to when they need support. The irony is, that I can't imagine how I am a good daughter/friend/sister/co-worker most of the time; does being laconic falsely convey an inner placidity or sagacity?

Somewhere along the way, I became the crutch that bolsters others in my life. I truly believe you can make your own happiness, and hope if nothing else in my lifetime, those I love will create a path which embraces the same philosophy. It is a mantra that needs to be consistently massaged... Particularly on Monday. Today I awoke to a head full of snot and the jackhammer of construction, which has aggressively besieged my apartment building for the past month, polluting my morning air already, both in noise and smell. Set to be angry at Monday again, I peer down over my toes and out the window and smile instead.

The truth is, the morning sky is a gorgeous purple against the cloudy sunrise. It has been raining for three days and the park visible through my window is a verdant symphony in the storm breezes. Wiping out my "to do" list, my family worries, my job search... Nature is unrelentingly alive, I am wholeheartedly in love and this duo makes me unflappable.

Wishing you a little bit of serenity this morning, be you stranger or friend.